Confession: We Am Straight… But We Frequently Have Sex Along With Other Guys

“As to why i’ve sex along with other males, this is because easy. It’s a complete lot much easier to get set with males than it really is to get with ladies. ”

Therefore to back up what you’re saying despite your own sexual preference if it’s all about getting off and not about preference, you would totally be open to having sex with animals — like say your pet dog or say a willing relative — if the opportunity presented itself to you? Because if intimate choice does not figure out who you’ve got intercourse with, then by that logic you’re also saying that you’d be prepared and ready to accept any such thing intimately perverted you’dn’t be interested in, because peoples sex can be so malleable that most it requires is one to touch us in a fashion that it could trigger us to accomplish things we ordinarily wouldn’t be intimately into. (more…)

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