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  • 20 October 2018
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Summary Ä A Successful Failure ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ose a better path Shauna has survived painful trials against all odds and experienced the true definition of betrayal As she. If you re looking for a hero with a heart of gold and beautiful heartwarming story pick this one upA Successful Failure is a book that surprised me and kept me wanting This story is unforgettable and exciting There is so much drama throughout this book it really keeps you interested There never was a time where I was bored of this book The novel is sharp in a way that leaves you shocked and bleedingOkisha Jackson excels in character style and plot She hits you with so many surprises that I spent the last third of the book re evaluating what I thought I knew and repeating I was not expecting that in a dazed but excited tone The whole novel is excellently doneSome emotional and thought provoking themes run through the narrative giving pause for consideration whilst the author tells a damn fine and addictive story some lovely little twists and turns take you down many paths until the ultimate and unexpected conclusionA definite page turner with some clever construction some wonderful writing and in the end the only thing that really matters your heart and being a good person Highly recommend

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Summary Ä A Successful Failure ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Strives to grow in faith Shauna examines her past and challenges her present to become than a conueror through her risen lord. Thoughtful EngagingA Successful Failure The Complete Series by Okisha Jackson is a book with many layers It is a story about a woman who uses her life experiences to make better choices it is about her career it has humor and it has a spiritual journey that is inspiringI really enjoyed this from start to finish I started on the first few chapters and found myself reading and instead of putting it down to check out laterI was immersed in Shauna Jackson s story and loved how the whole series was in one book It s not a long book even with an entire series but it is a thoughtful and engaging one so I did not mind the length at all In fact I found it uite perfect to read fast but still savor the messageIf you enjoy books that include spirituality like I do you ll really love this one

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Summary Ä A Successful Failure ✓ E-book, or Kindle E-pub This trilogy is about a soldier named Shauna Jackson She narrates the cautionary tales of her life to encourage others to cho. Captivatingly Thought Provoking Must Read We are lost souls which is a dangerous place to be because Satan s job is to kill us before we repent That way he can take us away from God forever He knows the Lord loves us very much and he deceives us to believe that God is not real so we don t ever know the truth Spellbinding and captivating as Shauna Jackson s story unfolds making one ask is this really fiction because it s so amazing it just has to be someone s story Shauna is a powerfully strong independent soldier but than that she is a Christian woman who hears from God Despite that she is someone who needs the companionship of a man but with a heart for God keeps her in constant battle with the sins of the body and the desire to give God her all However that is not all there is to the story as this tale processes many layers not only in faith but motherhood adversity from those in the military and much much Inspiring was the simplicity and honesty of Okisha s writing showing that Christians are human and we make mistakes too Nevertheless faith in God conuers all Here the reader will find the complete trilogy all in one book which is a must read since once started this one won t be put down I found this to be thought provoking and awe inspiring as all women attempting to claim their reward in the heavenly realm should read Shauna s story Proving one may be Spirit filled blood bought on fire for God but the devil is still going to try and steal your soul Highly recommend with a guarantee this novel will stay with the reader long after the story has ended