E–pub/Pdf [Muppet Sherlock Holmes] AUTHOR Patrick Storck

  • Paperback
  • 128
  • Muppet Sherlock Holmes
  • Patrick Storck
  • English
  • 07 January 2020
  • 9781608866137

Patrick Storck ½ 9 characters

Muppet Sherlock Holmes Summary ✓ 9 S mystery game WHERE'S MORIARTY A not to be missed volume that takes your favorite Muppet characters and drops them right into the exciting world of Sherlock Holm. I loved precisely EVERY WORD of this trade It had all the fabulously ridiculous puns of the best of the Muppet Show and references galore police boxes that are bigger than you d think inside with my complete love of Sherlock Holmes They also picked the very best of the stories to distort completely The Speckled Band A Scandal in Bohemia The Red Headed League The Musgrave Ritual and briefly The Final Problem Ignore completely that it was published by BOOM Kids this is something anyone with the slightest sense of humour could enjoy

review Muppet Sherlock HolmesMuppet Sherlock Holmes

Muppet Sherlock Holmes Summary ✓ 9 Tury champion and his associates Dr Watson Fozzie and Inspector LeStrade Kermit in this issue as they embark on THE ADVENTURE OF THE SPECKLED BAND Includes a bonu. Maybe 45 I got a huge kick out of this one See for details

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Muppet Sherlock Holmes Summary ✓ 9 “Once you eliminate the rational whatever remains no matter how absurd must be the Muppets Join Gonzo as Sherlock Holmes the world's greatest detective 19th cen. August 2016I am a big Muppet fan so when I found this at a book sale I picked it up I thought it was cute but I would have probably appreciated it if I knew about Sherlock HolmesMarch 2019I ve had a chance to read the first two Sherlock Holmes stories and watch one episode of the Netflix adaptation So now I have revisited Muppet Sherlock Holmes with a better result I still thought it was very corny but I do understand the characterizations a bit There is also some bonus material in the back of the book that I don t remember reading before There are excerpts from other Muppet adaptations of classics such as Snow White and other Disney Graphic novels that I am now interested in reading