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Diagnosis Doctor Dom #3 Read & download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook My name is Lisa Preston Less than a month ago I met a gorgeous guy in a bar and went home with him He spanked me He put me on an examination table and made all my dark fantasies come true He became a very important part of my life And th. hmmI really like both the characters but the story is starting to wane and I never thought I d say this but it s almost too much sex it s becoming tedious

Summary Diagnosis Doctor Dom #3Diagnosis Doctor Dom #3

Diagnosis Doctor Dom #3 Read & download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook He be there for me And can we both let go of our baggage and move forward Can Patrick and Lisa forget the past Or will it continue to haunt them forever Note This novella includes medical play spankings domination graphic sexual scenes a. Lisa s mom is in the hospital and there is only one person Lisa can think to call Patrick Without thinking he is there for her Because he doesn t understand why she ran in the first place The both come clean about their past BDSM Patrick s ex wife Andrea was pretty messed up She wanted to live the life 247 Lisa has a rough handed Dom who used her pretty badly In this novella they come around again They realize that they love each other and that this is the situationrelationship that they want to be in I m rooting for them because I like them I like that they are adults and not twenty somethings with no clue ADULTS The cliff hangers at the end of these novella s are serious I just about freaked outThe sex scenes were good but I felt like they were repeating again I mean there is so much you can do in a doctor s office Open up and say AHHHhhh let me take you temperature rectally I mean I can go and on LOL Let me swab you for any germs Ok I ll stop

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Diagnosis Doctor Dom #3 Read & download ô PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook En I discovered that he had kept a secret from me An important secret A secret that made me walk away But I dream of him I miss him I want him constantly And now something has happened and I need him than I have ever needed someone Will. Disclaimer I received a copy of this book via the author in exchange of my honest opinion and reviewAfter a shocking revelation Lisa leaves Patrick in the dark She doesn t want to talk with him doesn t answer his calls or message Six days later and 13 missing calls this number is so important life gets them back togetherThis series gets better much better with each episodeWe needed a little bit of drama between the amazing BDSM scenes we needed anguish jealous and sadness in order of loving Patrick even When Lisa doesn t answer his calls he decides sending her little gifts a coffee maker with a demanding note bagels lunch some little things for telling her I know you I m here and am not going anywhere without you Answer the fucking phoneThe hardcore BDSM twist me and and I insist this man knows the BDSM scene very well his fantasies and punishment are flawless and as a matter of fact I felt every bit of delicious torture You aren t dragging me into things you are letting me into your life I want to be there for you I want to be the person you turn to when you need something I want to be the guy you reach for the person you lean on Okay But he s a real man not only a Dom He wants a really woman with him and shares his Dom side It was the sexiest thing when you sent me a drink at that lounge It was hot as hell that you asked me to spank you I don t want to date an empty vessel someone who needs me to tell her what to do every single minute of the day Lisa fights with her demons very well I really like this heroine because she knows what she wants and what not She isn t a na ve woman any now she is a warrior a sexy and confident warrior by the wayI was afraid of his dominance and my submissiveness afraid of shattering into pieces the way I had after Nick But there was no denying that I also needed him in a way that was inexplicable to meMy rate is 4 sexy stars because this book is Awesomely sexy and with a little drama Diagnosis is a very attractive book for continue this seriesI was naked I was horny and my ridiculously amazing boyfriend was going to flog me It felt like Christmas morning