(The House) [E–pub] ↠ Danielle Steel

  • Paperback
  • 416
  • The House
  • Danielle Steel
  • English
  • 04 December 2020
  • 9780440242031

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READ The House FREE DOWNLOAD ´ The House Danielle Steel ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD The restoration of a majestic old home provides the exhilarating backdrop for Danielle Steel’s 66th bestselling novel the story of a young woman’s dream an old man’s gift and the surprises that await us behind every closed doorPerched on a hill overlooking San Francisco the house was magnificent built in 1923 by a wealthy man for the woman he adored For her and for this house he would spare no expense and overlook no detail from the endless marble floors to the glittering chandeliers Almost a century later with the once grand house now in disrepair a young woman walks through its empty rooms Sarah Anderson a perfectly sensible estate lawyer is about to do something utterly out of character An el. OMG This book was sohow do I put itboring I dont know how many times DS said or mentioned that Sarah and Phil were together for FOUR years Or how Sarah wanted time with Phil then just weekends She said it so many times in the firstwhat 3 or 4 chapters I almost put the book down and begin a new one but I stuck it out The book was so predictable though and toooooo repetative for my liking

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The House

READ The House FREE DOWNLOAD ´ The House Danielle Steel ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Ggest risk of her life Sarah enlists the help of architect Jeff Parker who shares Sarah’s passion for bringing the exuisite old house back to life As she and Jeff work to restore the home’s every detail as one relationship shatters and another begins Sarah makes a series of powerful discoveries about the true meaning of a dying man’s last giftabout the extraordinary legacies that are passed from generation to generationand about a future she’s only just beginning to imagineIn a novel of daring and hope of embracing life and taking chances Danielle Steel brilliantly captures one woman’s courageous choice to pour herself into a dream–and receive its gifts in return From the Hardcover edition. It has been about ten years since I have read a Danielle Steel book I would have been the end of my high school years and would not have a lot of good books under my belt So I am unsure whether Danielle Steel books are all written this badly or if by some chance that it was just this one It s almost like she let someone else write their story under her name The way this book was written was very very repetitive Every sentence was worded three different ways sometimes within the same sentence Every time a character was mentioned their personality traits were re described over and over again This book could have been half the length due to this constant repetitiveness The story line was pretty much girl has bad boyfriend girl has strong ideas about not being married or having children girl realises that jerk boyfriend is a jerk girl unexpectedly meets a guys falls in love and within an hour wants the whole white picket fence nuclear family after not wanting it for 40 years If this is Danielle Steels style of writing and she has become a popular author from this then I must be a really picky reader I was getting really annoyed with the sentence structure but the story line was just good enough to keep me reading to finish the book and not give up after the second chapter


READ The House FREE DOWNLOAD ´ The House Danielle Steel ☆ 1 FREE DOWNLOAD Derly client has died and left her two gifts One is a generous inheritance The other a priceless message to use his money for something wonderful something daring And in this old house surrounded by crumbling grandeur Sarah knows just what it isA respected attorney and self described workaholic Sarah had always lived life by the book With a steady if sputtering relationship and a tiny apartment that has suited her just fine Sarah cannot explain the force that draws her to the mansion and its history–to the story of a woman who once lived in the house then mysteriously left it to a child who grew up there and a drama that unfolded in war torn Franceand to a history she never knew she hadTaking the bi. Successful lawyer Sara has an okay life in modern day San Francisco in spite of being stuck in a dead end relationship with her loutish boyfriend Phil Then an elderly client of hers dies unexpectedly and leaves her the money to buy and remodel the fabulously elegant mansion he s lived in for years When Sara takes on the job she finds that this particular house has some amazing secretsThe dust jacket said this was Danielle Steel s 66th best selling novel It read like it too Not that it was a bad novel not at all But it was very thin and a lot of the most interesting characters were off stage about eighty five percent of the time Does anyone know if the mysterious great grandmother Lilli had her own book earlier in the Danielle Steel canon She really came to life a lot than her descendants By the way do any of my Goodreads friends know if the Portrero Hill neighborhood that Sara and her friends keep talking about in this book is the same neighborhood where OJ Simpson grew up I gather it must have been gentrified up the wazoo But I kept waiting for the Sheikhs to rumble with the Roman Gents