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I Have No Secrets Free download Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read I Have No Secrets I Hav. I absolutely loved this book I myself have a disease known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy type 1 I am ventilator dependent and operate my wheelchair and tablet using eye gaze technology I have to constantly prove my intelligence level to others when I have four college degrees and want my Master s degree next I really felt a connection with the character of Jemma This is the first book I ve ever found and enjoyed that has a disabled main character Great job

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I Have No Secrets Free download Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read I Have No Secrets Secre. Does Penny Joelson exclusively write crime novels narrated by physically disabled teenagers Because that s a weird niche but it kind of worksI found this one harder to get into than the girl in the window partially because I found it frustrating that Jemma wasn t using any kind of AAC and I was glad to see that be addressed in the story The book does a good job of making you feel Jemma s frustration at not being understood especially over something so important It also does a good job of showing the ableism she experiences how she is assumed to be intellectually disabled because she can t speak and how this affects her I do wish this had been extended to autistic Finn a little but I recognise that he isn t the main character so there was limited space to develop him

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I Have No Secrets Free download Ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Read I Have No Secrets E No. Jemma s older foster sister Sarah has gone missing and so has her best friend next door neighbor Ryan Neither has been seen for a while and no one but Jemma knows the truth The thing though is that Jemma can t tell anyone as she can t talk she has cerebral palsy which is why the killer confided in her as he knew his secret was safe During I Have No Secrets Jemma also is getting to know her twin sister who was also adopted out but unlike Jemma Jodie wasn t born with a disability and she reminds Jemma what she could have been if she was born normal The girls have a rocky start but once Jodie comes around the girls start to bond I really felt for Jemma in this case as it was like everyone she cared about was abandoning her Jemma s new family also recently fostered Olivia who has been stealing and threatening Jemma if she tells What will happen though when Jemma is given a once in a lifetime opportunity to try out a new machine which will be able to become her voice Soon none of the secrets she has been keeping is safe and Jemma finds herself in danger as no one wants their truths to be revealed This was a good YA mystery but also shone a light on fostering adoption and disabilities