EBOOK Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7

  • Paperback
  • 288
  • Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7
  • Lynette Eason
  • en
  • 05 January 2020
  • 9781335544162

Lynette Eason ó 7 review

review Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7 Free read Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Lynette Eason Lynette Eason ó 7 review Y Potter to safely hide her away But when his secrets come between them the truth could mean the difference between life and death this holiday seas. Non stop vehement and fierce action constant danger and deadly conseuences kept me on the edge throughout the story The web of mystery is a muddled mess the clues are few and far in between the law enforcement is scraping their resources to keep Robin alive to let her heal so her memory would return and then to bring some light into the chaotic lethal case in their hands The story is hard to put down once you start it the clueless atmosphere the deadly peril the tension between Robin and Toby are all aspects that kept my interest high Even though the story has the main focus on the intense suspense the growing romance between Robin and Toby was believable because of their previous status as close friends Even though there was tension caused by the revealed secrets and lies it was palpable how much they cared for each other despite the fact that Robin could not remember him or their friendship prior to the explosion The struggle and growth they both go through the guilt from the past the forgiveness and redemption is as evident as their growing attraction and need to protect each other The explosive crescendo towards the end the reveal of the bad guys and their motives hits hard fast and deep bringing some surprises despite the hints given throughout the tale I enjoyed this fastpaced story and the ferocious action and suspense It is entertaining and engrossing it is sweet and touching and it s edgy The characters from the previous stories in the series are present in many of the scenes and at times I felt a bit overwhelmed with the number of people marching through the pages while the hunt for the culprits was at its most intense If you love stories that deliver heart stoppingly thrilling suspense and clean sweet romance where a family is at the center of the tale and faith in God is assumed notion if not much talked about you are going to enjoy the Holiday Amnesia as well as the other intensely entertaining books of the Wrangler s Corner series Four Spoons

review Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7

review Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7 Free read Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Lynette Eason Lynette Eason ó 7 review E gone With danger lurking behind every Christmas tree she needs shelter from the attackers she can’t identify She’ll trust fellow professor Tob. A woman gets attacked at her workplace after witnessing a crime and though she manages to escape her injuries leave her with amnesia that erases the previous six months of her life A man who deceived her in the course of her FBI job is the first to find her and even though she has no memory of him or of the fact that she s mad at him she lets him try to protect her from the people who are trying to finish killing herThe story is frankly 1 not holiday related it just occasionally mentions Christmas decorations and 2 not much of a romance There s a lot of action so much of it that our two leads barely ever have a uiet moment to spend together Since he is already in love with her before the start and she doesn t even remember him for most of the book there s no development or romance going on They re just two people continually and I do mean continually on the run Most of the page time is devoted to the characters discussing plans in excruciating detail down to tracking each and every one of the 42398742 side characters who drop in to help even if they re only there for a second Talk about plan conduct plan bad guys screw up the plan talk about a new plan Repeat ad nauseam for 288 pages It was at least a uick read and the action pretty fun

Free read Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Lynette Eason

review Holiday Amnesia Wrangler’s Corner #7 Free read Ï eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ó Lynette Eason Lynette Eason ó 7 review With no memory who can she trustA deadly Christmas in Wrangler’s CornerRobin Hardy survived an explosion in her university lab but her memories ar. Woohoo Finally read this In like 4 hours