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  • 02 June 2018
  • 9780091940881

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review ´ Moranthology ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Sually left to hot shot wonks and not a woman who sometimes keeps a falafel in her handbag These other subjects includeCaffeine | Ghostbusters | Being Poor | Twitter | Caravans | Obama | Wales | Paul McCartney | The Welfare State | Sherlock | David Cameron Looking Like Ham |. 35 starsThe author does warn you beforehand that this book is a hodgepodge collection of previously published articles general musings and midnight chats with her husbandThe majority of these articles I really enjoyed Specifically the one about her introduction to World of Warcraft her interview with Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney and of course her love for libraries A library in the middle of a community is a cross between an emergency exit a life raft and a festival They are cathedrals of the mind hospitals of the soul theme parks of the imagination However because I have read most of the author s books I also picked up on a few repeats that I have read beforeAnd her love of the BBC Series Doctor Who and Benedict Cumberbatch in Sherlock was clearly very important to her but of no real interest to me If you are interested in trying out this author I would rather recommend How to Be a Woman or How to be Famous This was a nice collection but not necessarily the best introduction to her talents But if you are already a fan of this author then you should definitely read this

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review ´ Moranthology ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Amy Winehouse | ‘The Big Society’ | Big Hair | Nutter letters | Michael Jackson's funeral | Failed Nicknames | Wolverhampton | Suirrels’ Testicles | Sexy Tax | Binge drinking | Chivalry | Rihanna’s Cardigan | Party Bags | Hot People| Transsexuals | The Gay Moon Landin. For those of us who are new to the phenomenon that is Caitlin Moran this compilation of columns proves that she is an unparalleled artist painting with a brush of words and a palette of intelligence hilarity conscience introspection and interpersonality In other words her writing is wicked smart uber perceptive totally principled and super freaking funnyOnly two problems separate Moranthology from How To Be a Woman an irrefutably five star book 1 the nature of an anthology and 2 haste First reading this book is a bit like watching a full season of West Wing in a week or multiple episodes of 30 Rock in a single sitting one is simultaneously overwhelmed by the brilliance and unable to fully appreciate it If I had it to do again without the library due date bearing down on me I d read one piece a day As it was I had trouble switching gears between columns and ended with an impression of slight unevenness in uality Second the damned typos Clearly in a rush to capitalize on the success of How To Be a Woman in the States Moran s publisher appears to have either hired a high school student to re type the columns and run straight to the printer or forgotten to insert a caveat explaining that original errors were maintained for some strange sense of journalistic integrity and I m not an idiot who doesn t recognize British spelling variations I m just a whack job who s pet peeved by the lack of thorough editingIf I could give a book four and a half stars I would Blame How To Be a Woman for my refusal to call Moranthology perfection then read both books

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review ´ Moranthology ß PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Possibly the only drawback about the bestselling How To Be A Woman was that its author Caitlin Moran was limited to pretty much one subject being a womanIn MORANTHOLOGY Caitlin 'gets uite chatty’ about many subjects including cultural social and political issues which are u. Usually when I read anything by Caitlin Moran it ends with me wishing she were my best friend This collection of essays was no different As always Moran is delightful relatable hilarious and truly entertaining