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  • 15 August 2019
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Download Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ Bart Kosko Free read Noise AUTHOR Bart Kosko ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB D high blood pressure and an all around annoyance But what is noise really As Kosko simply states “Noise is a signal that you don’t like” It occurs at every level of the physical universe from the big bang to blaring car alarms Today noise is considered the curse of the information age but in fact not all noise is bad Debunking this and many other commonly held beliefs about noise Kosko gives readers a vivid sense of how deeply noise p. It provided an interesting perspective on what exactly noise is and how he thinks it differentiates from music Noise is a nuisance But not this book I thought it was very good so i m going to give it a solid 4 stars

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Noise AUTHOR Bart Kosko

Download Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ Bart Kosko Free read Noise AUTHOR Bart Kosko ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB From the well known science commentator and bestselling author of Fuzzy Thinking comes a revelatory look at the phenomenon of noise A celebrated maverick in the world of science Bart Kosko introduced and continues to popularize in print and television media the revolutionary concept of fuzzy logic In his latest book he provides the first scientific history of noise aimed at the general reader Noise is a social nuisance a cause of deafness an. I recently finished reading Noise by Bart Kosko At least I think I finished it The book didn t really end It just sort of stoppedBart Kosko is an electrical engineering professor at USC He has written books on topics like fuzzy logic not to be confused with wooly thinking This book is on noise as opposed to signal but taken in the broad sometimes metaphorical senseSo we learn about things like how urban great tits sic sing at higher minimum freuencies in urban areas just to be heard over all the clatter of the city Or that a humpback whale song can be 170 decibels loud in water not uite as loud as a rocket engine but louder than a jet engine or a 12 gauge shotgun kind of blows their New Age image for me Or that the actress Hedy Lamarr was co inventor with a composer and writer named George Antheil of freuency hopping spread spectrum communication despite neither she nor Antheil having any formal background or experience in related fieldsSome portions of the book are accessible to those without an engineering educationinterest There are a few parts you may want to skim if for example the idea that much of the real world noise that engineers assume is Gaussian may really be Cauchian is not one which seems to you worth spending some time to considerBut put another way it s less abstract Gaussian noise assumes that the random background stuff is distributed like a bell with a tiny bit of a flare The widest part of the bell isn t all that wider than the middle part That kind of noise is like wind noise on the beach at nightCauchian noise assumes that random background stuff has occasional weirdness that s way different than the normal stuff Sometimes this is called popcorn noise because like popcorn popping there are occasional random events that are way bigger than the norm If I s were distributed this way instead of with a Gaussian curve we d find an occasional person with an I of 500But if we design everything with normal noise in mind and what we get is popcorn noise instead we could be in trouble Which is where I thought Kosko was headed with this book Instead he takes a kind of aimless walk through a bunch of topics on noise then stops Not stops the aimlessness just stops the bookI was taken by surprise by its end in part because after 160 pages of text there s 90 pages of notes at the end so the thickness of book left made me think we weren t close to done Maybe it s a self referential joke to have such an unpredictable end Maybe he ran out of steam and it was time to close the thing and collect the paycheck Maybe the topic of noise is inherently hard to organize into a coherent narrativeNo matter I liked the book anyway Consider it bad branding this is actually a book of essays on the topic of noise incorrectly labeled as chapters Enjoy the one about the difference between pink noise and brown noise or why white noise is impossible Read about the student who for one of Kosko s classes designed a device to cancel the noise in his apartment when the nearby school let the kids out for recess and fantasize about buying such a device Then whenever Kosko runs out of topics to tell you about just stop

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Download Þ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¾ Bart Kosko Free read Noise AUTHOR Bart Kosko ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ermeates both the world around us and within us Along the way he covers many compelling topics from noise’s possible role in the ice ages to noise pollution laws the use of noise to generate synthetic speech and Hedy Lamarr’s contribution to noisy wireless communication The result is a vastly entertaining and illuminating scientific journey that promises to do for noise what James Gleick did for chaos make it vital fascinating and releva. This was a great attempt to bridge academic writing with popular science It definitely challenges the reader to keep up especially if you take in all the End Notes I also appreciated the author s own voice coming through