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Free download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Michael Piller Michael Piller é 4 Summary Free download FADE IN AUTHOR Michael Piller O played a major role in saving the Star Trek franchise here is the very inside story of the writing process that resulted in the franchise’s 1998 film Star Trek Insurrection Certainly for Star Trek fans – of which there are legions – and students of film and television this is a sought after look at the screenwriting process from concept to final film script through the inclusion of treatments story meetings storybo. A fascinating insight into how sausage is made in Hollywood unlike a TV show where the demand for so much content is so high the screenwriter seems to have no shortage of interference for a feature film as Piller demonstrates as he discusses the writing of Star Trek Insurrection Budgetary demands focus groups producers actors etc etc all weigh in Sadly this book is interesting than the actual movie ever was

Free download FADE IN AUTHOR Michael PillerFADE IN AUTHOR Michael Piller

Free download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Michael Piller Michael Piller é 4 Summary Free download FADE IN AUTHOR Michael Piller Ards and the moving of the Trek characters on the resultant creative chessboard Fans hungry for this kind of rare access may well be thoroughly engrossed in and entertained by the book; whereas students of writing for television and film will definitely benefit from this textbook as not only reference material but also as a bona fide annotated resource on this particular film andor on the entire Star Trek oeuvre in general. A competent and matter of fact documenting of the making of Star Trek IX from the writer s point of view Hardly revelatory but readable nonetheless

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Free download é PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook é Michael Piller Michael Piller é 4 Summary Free download FADE IN AUTHOR Michael Piller In keeping with Michael’s widely respected mentorship of up and coming writers “Fade In The Making of Star Trek Insurrection” has been published as a textbook that can also be enjoyed as a coffee table book full of exclusive never before seen photos and commentary for the enjoyment of Star Trek fans around the world Written by Michael Piller who has been variously described as a “writer’s writer” and the man wh. Michael Piller describes the process of writing Star TrekInsurrection Though I have seen some people pan this book in their personal reviews because it is not a tell all about the behind the scenes tensions and personality conflicts or a mea culpa for why the film was not amazingly successful I simply want to say this it is not that kind of book Piller is refreshingly honest about the process of creation and change that goes into making a movie Writing anything from a short story novel magazine article doctoral dissertation movie script or a letter to the editor is a long and difficult process in which you create something new that still has to fit within the bounds of the world around you Sometimes it has to fit page restrictions or match someone else s sensibilities but if it is to go forward there have to be compromises Michael Piller had to do just that He had to create a story that satisfied the actors producers the studio and the general public This is not an easy task Did he do it perfectly No Insurrection was fun but the story was a bit labored at times For example it amazes me that every character seems to know the exact method of screwing with the machinery to make it do the impossible like Ru afo s impromptu hacking of the transporters on the holoship Honestly is everyone a computer science and engineering major in the twenty fourth century Moreover it is unfortunate that the movies make Riker Troi Crusher LaForge and Worf subsidiary characters to Data and Picard but again you have to satisfy the big names if the project is to advance But I digress Piller speaks honestly and gives the good with the bad It is not self congratulatory but it is not self deprecating either He tells us how he arrived at the story through many revisions and suggestions sculpting the words into a final version There is no vitriol here if that s what you want read Harlan Ellison s book on writing the TOS episode City on the Edge of Forever he was and is mighty pissed at Star Trek and justly so from his arguments But Piller s goal was to tell how Insurrection came into being I found it a fun and informative read As for the movie I will leave that for you to decide