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  • 01 April 2020
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Before We Were Strangers Free read Å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB From the USA TODAY bestselling author of Sweet Thing and Nowhere But Here comes a love story about a Craigslist “missed connection” post that gives two people a second chance at love fifteen years after they were separated in New York CityTo the Green eyed LovebirdWe met fifteen years ago almost to the day when I moved my stuff into the NYU dorm room next to yours at Senior HouseYou called us fast friends I like to think it was We lived on nothing but the excitement of finding ourselves through music you were obsessed with Jeff B. whilst i consider myself to have recently suffered a uarter life crisis this book gave me hope that everything will eventually work out if you always try to make the best of your situation which is really all anyone can do in life so i appreciate when a story such as this has real life valuei also adore the way renee carlino so genuinely captures the complexities of human relationships and desire i have never pined over a missed connection for 15 years but i would be lying if i said i didnt feel the loneliness and heartache that lives on every page in this book the writing and story development makes it so easy for the reader to relate to the characters and their longing and this particular story really spoke to me on a highly emotional level 5 stars

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Before We Were Strangers Free read Å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Thick yellow line that runs along the subway platform waiting for the F train I didn’t know it was you until it was too late and then you were gone Again You said my name; I saw it on your lips I tried to will the train to stop just so I could say helloAfter seeing you all of the youthful feelings and memories came flooding back to me and now I’ve spent the better part of a month wondering what your life is like I might be totally out of my mind but would you like to get a drink with me and catch up on the last decade and a halfM. 45 over the moon with swoon stars 2015 Honorable Mention Read I cannot believe how much I cried and smiled with this sweet contemporary romanceThis book came in my e mail box last week from my first love when I was sixteen She wrote some very sweet words and ended by saying that this book made her feel so young and in love which we were for the year she was visiting from Czechoslovakia We are still the best of friends and have been there for each other through severe illnesses divorces and other heartaches My first love became my best friendThis book took me back to those carefree teenage days The heady intoxication of care passion and the belief that the world was a wondrous place Gracie and Matty in the book was us and also anybody that has been in a loving and compassionate relationshipI loved Ms Carlino s easy breezy writing style that felt so light yet so full of genuine emotions I cried with much joy thinking of my beautiful girl from Prague that shared herself with me for a year of pure joy fun intense conversation and adolescent lovemaking The sweet blonde pixie who loved her teddy bear her nick for me and continues to do soMost importantly though this book brought gratitude to my heart for the life I have now My boyfriend said I have not kissed him this often in the past week while reading this book since we first met six years ago I am grateful to that pretty pixie girl who taught me how to love at the age of 16 and now to the beautiful man that loves me unconditionally at my old age of 44Ms Carlino thank you for this lovely romance

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Before We Were Strangers Free read Å PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Uckley photography I couldn’t stop taking pictures of you hanging out in Washington Suare Park and all the weird things we did to make money I learned about myself that year than any otherYet somehow it all fell apart We lost touch the summer after graduation when I went to South America to work for National Geographic When I came back you were gone A part of me still wonders if I pushed you too hard after the weddingI didn’t see you again until a month ago It was a Wednesday You were rocking back on your heels balancing on that. 35 Stars Before We Were Strangers is a sweet emotional story about two individuals who fall for each other two times It s a story about falling in love for the first timefinding second chance at love Intense and heartwarming but also heartbreaking at times this story is told both in the past and in the present from both MC characters perspective You certainly will enjoy this story if you re a fan of missed connections listings To the Green eyed Lovebird We met fifteen years ago almost to the day when I moved my stuff into the NYU dorm room next to yours at Senior House Matt and Grace meet each other in college Matt is a photography student and Grace is a music major Matt has good reasons from wanting to escape LA While his family has money Grace s family is poor She s struggles to pay her tuition and she s trying really hard to get good enough to be a studio musician Matt is mesmerized with Grace from the beginning She seems shy but she can also be brazen He is drawn to her like a moth to a flame and Grace seems to be intrigue by Matt as well They start to hang out every day and soon they become but fate intervenes and they somehow are split up I just met her at the wrong time Fifteen years have gone by and I still think about her Fifteen years have passed and Matt still remembers Grace and how good they were together He never forget her smile or how talented she was with her cello he never found a way to let her go He recently divorced so he s not looking for a relationship But when he spots Grace from across the subway and she seems to recognize him he knows he has to find her He posts a missed connection add on Craigslist and hopes that somehow Grace for a second time will find her way to him We were victims of bad timing But here we are again Before We Were Strangers was a sweet enjoyable read well written for the most part and while I didn t love it I liked it Honestly I enjoyed the past IMO was written better and unlike the present nothing was rushed At least for me I love first love romance novels so I really enjoyed this aspect here I loved how Matt and Grace started a tentative friendship that blossomed to something Their relationship development was really well done You can actually figure out when exactly their feelings for each other start to change Matt and Grace were great endearing characters I liked them separately and I loved them together They were sweet they were fun and they warmed my heart with their antics and interactions No one could change the past or give us back the time we had lost and there were no words to make everything better We just had to accept the present for what it was The past had some enjoyable moments as well It was great seeing these characters trying to reconnect Both Matt and Grace from the past were likeable and I liked the fact that their voices felt different from the ones in the past I liked the fact that they never forget each other but I would have a liked to feel a powerful connection between them What it didn t work for me in was the miscommunication between these two characters and of course the drama that fallowed Also I think both Matt and Grace didn t try finding each other hard enough I won t go into details about what actually happened but for me the whole situation they were in wasn t so believable The ending was sweet and full of hope but was too rushed for my liking Everything has been resolved too uickly But this is just my opinion Overall this was a nice enjoyable read but obviously not my favorite second chance romance I ve read so far