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  • 08 December 2020
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Victor Cox  9 Summary

Victor Cox  9 Summary Download Ó E-book, or Kindle E-pub  Victor Cox review Cell Block X Fe wasn’t all that different from the outside Everybody was in prison in one way or the other in their life but society had made it mandatory for those of his particular skills to be behind bars Being an assassin and muscle for hire for a major crime family had its perks but it also had its risks He had always been drawn to the masculine form but outside he would always have to be alert for anybody that would see him as different Inside here he had found a kindred spirit in Markus but there was a secret that he was keeping that would forever change the way that Markus thought about him Now that his roommate was Markus he no longer had to look over his shoulder but he still had a job to do The warden was still expecting results and it was only months away until the election would take place The warden wanted to get out from underneath the prison system come out into the light of day and run for a senate seat The only way to do that was to clean up the mess that he had allowed to happen underneath his watch Rafe will find an unexpected an unusual arrangement and will have to decide how to deal with it Buy all three of these erotic prison stories for only 39.

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Victor Cox  9 Summary Download Ó E-book, or Kindle E-pub  Victor Cox review Cell Block X Entirely different world altogether The Card Dealt Rafael AKA Rafe is not exactly in an environment that he’s ever been within before In the first day he had learned that the best thing to do in any new place was to assert some authority He couldn’t allow anybody to think that he was weak not when he had such a reputation in the real world as uite the bad ass He was known as the enforcer and if he had to take the persona and bring it into within the confines of these walls then he had no problem doing that He showed that he could be magnanimous compassionate and in Markus’s case a bit less on the guard He wanted to stay out of the spotlight but to do that would only make him a suitable mark for anybody that wanted to make their bones Now he was working for the other side of the law and only because he thought it was in his best interest to do so An illegal gambling ring is his first assignment and he has to find out who was ultimately responsible for the game itself and how he was going to find a way into it Handle With Care Rafe had always known that he would be either in jail or dead by the time he was 40 Now that he was in jail he realized that li.

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Victor Cox  9 Summary Download Ó E-book, or Kindle E-pub  Victor Cox review Cell Block X “Rafe I don’t want you to cum until I tell you to” That was getting very hard to do considering that his hands were huge in comparison to my own and he was really using those fingers to the best of his ability The First Day Rafael AKA Rafe was an up and coming mob enforcer on his way to bigger and better things when the rug was pulled out from underneath him He still doesn't know what exactly happened; only that he was caught with over two million dollars in uncut cocaine and enough weapons to start a small army If that wasn't bad enough there was also photographic proof that he had killed one of the lieutenants in the family that he was working for Not able to avoid going to jail he had to learn to become the hunter or the prey in a hurry He knows that his friend William is already incarcerated in the same place that he’s going so he’s hoping that he will be able to give him the lay of the land Even though he has no power within these walls his sources are vast outside and he wants to track down who was ultimately responsible for framing him for a murder that he didn't commit What he finds inside these walls makes him see that being in jail is an.