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  • The Degan Incident Galactic Conspiracies #1
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  • 10 February 2018
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The Degan Incident Galactic Conspiracies #1 review ´ 0 Hat takes him to the stars and beyondWarning contains male pregnan. Bastian Drago Do not apologize for them Humans have a history of not being very tolerant of others who are different Devin McSmith I suppose so I d like to think it is getting better As a species we ve done a lot of growing over the years But we obviously still have some roomNot all of us are like that Well I am of those who really appreciate anything different And I thought that this is a beautiful Sci Fi MM love story with a hint of adventureWhat to expect from this book A heavily pregnant human maleit is called something like spontaneous womb generation in other species Strange foreplay and even stranger true bondmating lots of body fluids honestly A LOT during the process An alien Degan loverboy whose description reminded me of Grufallo The GruffaloBut still Devin thinks Degan is pretty Most humans are frightened of the Degan by our appearance They try not to show it but I can scent their fear You have never shown fear to me Well you don t scare me You are just a big teddy bear And You are so handsome For a non human No For a man Human or otherwise Humans call our kind beasts or beastmen Well you re beauty than beast to me So expect real love and a great world building and very interesting different main characters and some of the nicest female charactersand uniue new species especially pets

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The Degan Incident Galactic Conspiracies #1 review ´ 0 C and beastly alien from the planet Dega and begins an adventure t. This is another one that I have put off reading but decided to go ahead pick it up and I m glad I did This is how I like my mate stories no unnecessary pushing away or denying of each other I love all the different species And I loved Devin and Bastian Both deserved a good mate I will say I don t think book 2 interests me If it were another Degan then I d probably rush to get to it but since it s not meh I wonder if I can skip it and go to book 3 I d love to read Peri s book He deserves a good mate too but after reading the blurb I m not sure it will suit me

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The Degan Incident Galactic Conspiracies #1 review ´ 0 Lonely spaceport worker Devin McSmith meets Bastian Drago an exoti. When it comes to Beauty and the Beast storylines I m in all the way can t get enough of them This one was especially good and it hada mpreg Oh yes Devin is the cutest of twinks he s had a pretty tough life but that all changes when he meets Bastian a big grin is on my lips when I think of Bastian he s big hairy and kinda lion like and so in love with Devin I was in complete fantasy heaven and it gets even better when he finds out that Devin is pregnant Yep this book as it all Some bad things happen but Bastian will always save and protect DevinI m sighing again just thinking of him Loved loved this book Rob Colton you have a new fan