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  • 02 October 2018
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T. Gephart ☆ 0 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ò Twisted Views Lexi #15 A Twist of Fate pulled us effortlessly into the world of Lexi Reed the feisty smart sexy and career driven PR manager whose world was turned upside down when she met and began representing her favourite rock band Power Station This opportunity of a lifetime not only capitulated Lexi into a new and exciting world but onto a hot and steamy path with Alex Stone the band's lead guitarist Their passio. I normally don t like preuels or novellas that go back in time I like to move forward and get impatient when I have to go back in time no matter how much the novella might fill in the gaps So I was a bit sceptical when I started this book But this book is different Even though I thoroughly enjoyed this step back in time I was confused as to why I was enjoying this so much but then it hit me I had an epiphany First of all it s NOT a preuel it s a companion novel so the reader isn t taken back to a time before A Twist of Fate is written Secondly A Twist of Fate is entirely written from Lexi s POV as is A Leap of Faith except for one chapter and this is the first big difference None of this book is written from Lexi s POV I think the best way to explain Twisted Views is to use a uote from T Gepart herself in the Preface It was only after the second part of the Lexi series A Leap of Faith had been published and I was writing the third and final instalment A Time for Hope that I felt I needed to go back and revisit the first book again and let some on the facets of the other characters come to light And that is exactly what the author does BUT it is so much Remember I said that I had that little epiphany Now is the time to tell you whatit was Now each chapter revisits a moment of time in the series but from a different character s POV But that s not it The reader doesn t only visualise the events from another character s POV but we also get an insight into what they re thinking so in my opinion I felt like I was reading a snippet in the diaryjournal of each of these characters Now that can only be achieved because of T Gepart s writing Her writing skills allow us to look at an event through different characters eyes These diary entries allow the reader to see a different perspective while also having a good laugh or maybe that s just me but I don t think so There s even a reference to Candy Crush which used to be one of my addictions until I gave it up because it is SO frustrating I almost forgot to mention the Interviews with your favourite characters found at the end of the book They were classicTo sum it up T Gepart has done it again I loved it I gave it 5 out of 5 stars and I can t wait to read A Time for HopeWritten by Karen from Confessions of a Bookaholic

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Twisted Views Lexi #15

T. Gephart ☆ 0 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ò Twisted Views Lexi #15 Ters themselves Through the eyes of Alex and others we get a clearer view of how Lexi's arrival affects not only dynamics of the band but their personal relationships with her and each other We get to know the main players intimately as we are given access to interviews and personal accounts learning not only about them and what makes them tick but how their world has changed since Lexi's arrival. Really enjoyed it Laugh out loud moments cringing as I write the cliche but it s truth Only problem I wished there was Yes I liked it THAT much An unexpectedly great read Unexpected for me as I m not usually a fan of the companion books Looking forward to the third and final book in the Lexi series

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T. Gephart ☆ 0 DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD ò Twisted Views Lexi #15 N simmered as they tired to maintain their secret relationship leaving both Alex and Lexi wanting than the no strings sex only agreement they had negotiated Hearts and rules were broken as Lexi learned the hard way you can't negotiate with emotions least of all love In this companion novella we get to examine what has happened behind the scenes from different perspectives told to us by the charac. I have got to say I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK I loved all the POV S of almost every character from the books I couldn t get enough See we have Lexi a kick butt take no names tough attitude we heard from her side in the first and second books This book is 15 in the series and had me laughing and crying at almost every turn It was a breath of fresh air compared to other books it didn t drone on like most second POV S I am completely in love with all of these characters Dan has me cracking up with his antics Jase and Troy are the level headed ones and are each sexy in their own ways James The leader of the band Power Station did I forget to tell you that most of the characters are H O T ROCKERS he is married to Hannah sweet sweet Hannah they such a beautiful relationship you don t really see that in a lot rocker relationships 3 Taylah Crazy as hell funnyspunky kick butt woman Then you have her laid back SO Cal attitude hubby Dave she s the ying to the yang who says opposites don t attract Don t you worry sexy Texan Matt is in there too How can Lexi s best friend not be in there Last but not least ALEX HOLY SMOKES If his testy personality didn t turn you on then the SMOKIN SEX will keep you hot and bothered WOW This book kept you going with every chapter I loved the relationship between all the characters they are a family and welcome anyone in 3 We read in the first book I M SORRY ALEX I DIDN T MEANT TO MISLEAD YOU IT WASN T MY INTENTION TO TAKE IT THIS FAR I THOUGHT WE WERE JUST HAVING FUN I M SORRY LEXI S WORDS LOOPED AROUND IN MY HEAD ON CONSTANT REPLAYJUST GO ALEX THERE IS NOTHING HERE FOR YOU We were lead on a journey that lead the two back to each other and in this book it was everyone s POV on what is goingI gotta say it is GENIUS I absolutely love this series and can t wait for the third A TIME FOR HOPE COMING OUT hopefully in February 2014 I gotta ask though What is it with most of the characters liking Coke and MAC LOL haha I love these books and can t wait for Both books A TWIST OF FATE AND A LEAP OF FAITH are both out right now TWISTED VIEWS FATE S COMPANION comes out DECEMBER 10th Go Pre order it NOW YOU WILL LOVE IT I give Ms T Gephart 5 freaking stars Chris