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  • Wandering Wild
  • Jessica Taylor
  • English
  • 14 October 2020
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characters Wandering Wild ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Jessica Taylor Erything changes when the Wanderers set up camp in a little town called Cedar FallsThere Spencer Sway a boy Tal tried to hustle at a game of billiards keeps popping up into her life and worst of all into her scams Buttoned up starched and ironed Spencer talks of places where Tal’s truck can’t take her His promises of traveling across. A beautiful moving haunting and endlessly compelling debut novel The writing is so lush and assured and the characters are authentic and heartbreaking One of the loveliest romances I ve ever read and also a beautiful story about what it means to be true to yourself in the face of pressures and temptationsI love love love this book so much

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Wandering Wild

characters Wandering Wild ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Jessica Taylor Oceans are almost enough to shatter her love of the Wanderer lifeWhen a boy shows up at camp ready to make good on a nearly forgotten arranged marriage to Tal Tal and Wen make a pact No matter the cost they will use their limitless skills of grift to earn the bride price and buy back her future even if Spencer Sway gets used along the way. Loved this debut Full review to come

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characters Wandering Wild ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Read æ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ↠ Jessica Taylor Raised by Wanderers sixteen year old Tal travels the roads of the southern wild in her Chevy by day and camps in her tent trailer at night Hustling conning and grifting her way into just enough cash to save her fifteen year old brother Wen from bare knuckle fighting was once enough to keep her dreams of traveling the whole world at bay Ev. Reading Wandering Wild was a task It was annoying to struggle through the writing and it was painful to trudge through a story that didn t hold my interest beyond the first couple of chapters The characters were flat and their motives were ambiguous and much like the story itself they drifted without a true destination for themselves After all of this criticism I should have rated the book lesser 3 stars and yet I can t I was strangely looking forward to reading and about them God help me I was entertainedWandering Wild has a new concept I ll give it that The exception may have failed completely but the basic idea of the book was or less a rarely explored notion in YA thereby giving the book an edge I bet curiosity will cause many people to pick up the book but the content may not be able to hold their interest for very longThe book is about a group of grifters who never stay in one place for too long Identifying themselves as Wanderers the forests are their hideouts where they make camps and hustling scheming and stealing are their only means of livelihood The book revolves around the compass of the camp Talia and her younger brother Wen Talia has a special gift she guides the camp to where they should go next where the Spirit of The Falcon the first Wanderer wants them to go Wherever Talia says they go the camp goes But unfortunately this is the only interesting fact about Talia She was a pain in my ass the entire time and since the book was entirely in her POV you my see why this book wasn t my favourite For a girl who had lived the Wanderer life for sixteen years Talia was very impulsive and reckless She lived in so much danger and the fear of being caught was always at the forefront of camp life and yet she didn t seem to take the threat very seriously It was weird and completely unexpectedSo our love interest Spencer Sway waslame Look at me defaulting to 13 year old vocabulary to describe this cardboard of a character Spencer had involved supportive loving parents but his main issue throughout the book was how he couldn t bear to tell them that the plan they had for him was exactly that Their plan not his See also loving supportive parents All through the book I just wanted to throw something at him and shake him and scream at him to TALK TO THEM but no It was a sorry part of a plot that had already given me a headache The book was also slow S l o wwwww I was waiting for something interesting to happen anything to happen and oh God it was excruciating So much could have happened there were so many possibilities and yet the path taken was a half assed love story with no head and no tail I cared not a shit for the romance I didn t give a flying fuck about all their issues and I don t even know how I managed to read Wandering Wild in its entiretyThe only one thing I remotely cared about were the camp traditions and customs I loved that they had a history certain rules a certain history Unfortunately this part of the book was not explored as much in detail as I d have liked I wished the book focused on the camp their myths and their way of life In my opinion the whole love story angle wrecked the story unsalvageable Finally the ending THAT ENDING It was such a huuuuge disappointment I don t believe it got past the editorial team There were too many plot holes so many uestions left unanswered and if the book is a standalone which for now it is then the ending was unacceptable and provides no sense of closure at all About my recommendation I d say this book is best skipped And let s hope for a better sorted seuel if at all that ever happens I was provided a free eARC of this book by Sky Pony Press through Edelweiss in exchange of an honest review This did not in any way however influence the content of this review