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  • You Bright and Risen Angels
  • William T. Vollmann
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  • 03 March 2018
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William T. Vollmann ó 6 Summary

William T. Vollmann ó 6 Summary You Bright and Risen Angels Free read È 106 Els against his own kind and joins forces with the insects Wayne a thug allies himself with the malevolent forces of electricity and vows to assassinate the preying mantis who tends bar in Oregon A brusue La Pasionara with the sprightly name of Millie leads an. A Social Gazette of the Personalities Interviewed for this Book You Bright and Risen Angels a cartoon Author s Note

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You Bright and Risen Angels

William T. Vollmann ó 6 Summary You Bright and Risen Angels Free read È 106 In the jungles of South America on the ice fields of Alaska the plains of the Midwest and the streets of San Francisco a fearsome battle rages The insects are vying for world domination; the inventors of electricity stand in evil opposition Bug a young man reb. William T Vollmann s 1987 debut You Bright And Risen Angels is a sprawling disorderly book Strained to breaking point it contracts and collapses in on its own raw energy with exuberant force It s a beautiful mess a cacophony of digressions and a picaresue allegorical Heart of DarknessI ve always had a perversion for peculiar oddities and productions such as the shambolic genius of Syd Barrett s solo debut the Madcap Laughs I m drawn to the imperfect artefacts which acuire a rare artistry and originality through their flaws These originals reframe their counterparts their genres and their mediumsFor this book is such a thing um A dense compulsively elaborate silly obscene funny tragic philosophical poetic inspired horrific and comedic cartoon blast of post modern tale telling Was it programmed this way There are bugs in the systemYou Bright And Risen Angels is narrated by the author a programmer creating a system and writing the story into being The electrical current surges into the characters our hero Bug the omnipotent Mr White and his dubious assistant Dr Dodger the narcissistic Wayne and the plant like Parker double agent Frank and scary Big George The Caterpillar Heart The Electric Gang and many who are brought brightly into existence in our imaginations I press the resurrection button and you will be larger than life This magnificent electrified insectifide necropolis is inhabited with warring factions A smorgasbord of weird humans and rebellious insects led by The Great Beetle leader of Bugdom and last but not least the Blue Globes of Electricity Spectral electrical sphere manifestations which will give thee the heebie jeebies I promise theeThere is a plot There is This beastly tome is plotted and the energy and gusto of the writing propel one through it Vollmann s compulsive elaboration takes the writing through plots and counterplots and symbols that twist and convulse with electricity It s a teetering structure of Post Modern stylings It s confusing than my review It s gloriously comic and absurdly moving The Insect genocide broke my heart I was surprised to discover WTV hadn t read Gravity s Rainbow prior to writing this book You Bright And Risen Angels is less esthetic and narcissistic than Pynchon s Gravity s Rainbow but as a black comedy rife with digressions and a sprawling cast of madcap laughing oddities it s extremely similar I held off writing a review before experiencing the first of WTV s Seven Dream Series The Ice Shirt so I could gain a sense of how WTV writing has evolved For this debut thing um is exciting in its potential in pointing to something great I believe this is for Vollmann completists An early demo bootlegs raw data and program prototypes of a bigger sophisticated and elegant system

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William T. Vollmann ó 6 Summary You Bright and Risen Angels Free read È 106 Intrepid band of revolutionaries You Bright and Risen Angels is the work of an extraordinary imagination In this free wheeling novel of epic proportions William T Vollmann has crafted a biting hilarious satire of history technology politics and misguided love. Vollmann is it must be said ahead of all other things a resolutely odd dude Odd in his personality the man has cultivated enough myths around his extreme novels to be something of a meme in the literary world and let us all pat ourselves on the back for not creating Chuck Norris style Vollman facts But also and pertinent to my project right here odd from a stylistic point of view And I don t mean the fact that this novel concerns the war between the insects and the forces of electricity with giant beetles and transcontinental railroads and sexual shenanigans in the observatory where the master of the forces of electricity worked and a near Unabomber perspective on good old modern electricity Yes this is an eccentric plot point but itooi weird Dude s a postmodern novelist so these sorts of hijinks are par for the course No what s odd about Vollmann is how he writes these novels that have the outward appearance of meticulous organization and yet are when you actually sit down and ireadi em haphazard as all get out In terms of his stylistic preferences and themes and so forth he sits well in the GaddisPynchonMcElroy school let me be the first to acknowledge that yes maybe we re all sick of saber rattling about Important White Guy Authors so I ll drop this thread pretty soon but unlike those authors who seem to organize their apparent chaos uite meticulously Vollmann seems to just sort of slop a ton of ideas together I mean sure these novels have elaborate chapter subchapter headings and repeated motifs and Strategically Placed Illustrations and all of this other stuff but I mean for fuck s sake so much of this book is just isloppyi in its constructionThe general idea I got from reading this is Vollmann had no idea how to structure a mega tome yet and judging by his later work he never got better at organizing or developing his myriad ideas he just sort of plastered on Even the brief Whores for Gloria suffers from this it doesn t so much have a plot that develops as a psychological state that swelters and fractures until it breaks down on the streets of the Tenderloin Or remember if you happen to have read it the pages upon pages of Europe Central that or less amount to boom here s another execution carried out in East Germany boom here s another execution carried out in East Germany boom here s Shostakovich having weird sex boom here s Shostakovich having weird sex The dude is the master of tacking on ii Want a concrete example Oh I ve got it The narrator Big George conflict I think the idea here was the produce a metafictional device about how history becomes repurposed based on the tellers but it doesn t seem much substantial or well rounded than an extended acknowledgment of the fact which means it doesn t really serve much purpose except to be there especially not since Vollman doesn t really do much to distinguish their voices Want another example The pages upon pages of post adolescent poetry about a girlfriend that abandoned the narrator He comes off as a real creep first off passive aggressive and wallowing and what s is it doesn t add a fucking thing to the narrative and my uestion is just why is it here why is every chapter interrupted with this Yet reader I cannot tell a lie It was a horde of raging cannibals who were also aliens who chopped down your beloved cherry tree erm I mean this book is goddamn entertaining when it isn t indulging in the painful lost love story I mean for fuck s sake what is this doing here because well there s just no way I won t be entertained by the rambling story of a group of insects waging war against the forces of electricity and also because when he isn t wallowing in his misery if anyone can oversell a point it s Vollmann our man in California can cook up some mean sentences I realize all the criticism might point to a lower star rating but goddammit Vollmann is really good at the stuff he s good at and it s also uick and easy to explain the stuff he s good at entertaining premises and beautiful sentences There are some truly immersive scenes here too a revolutionary attack on a computer programming center some really wrenching memories of the protagonist s experiences at summer camp a bizarre and not fully realized but still weirdly fulfilling description of an expedition in the the Revolutionaries nightmare trek into the arctic and if you ve read my reviews you know that kind of stuff gets my literary hackles up Plus I also love the sense he gives that this war is a part of something bigger that the book doesn t end when you close it Vollmann for all his flaws for this book s desperate need of an editor can really fucking tell a story and the fact that he can pull that off despite the dozens of pages that go absolutely nowhere either speaks volumes about Vollmann s talent or about my own tastes Either way the dull moments are substantially outweighed by passages I couldn t put down In honesty there s a lot I dislike about Vollmann and I don t imagine I ll ever give one of his books the full five stars but when he gets it all together you can t stop him