E–pub [A Soldier for Keeps] ã Jillian Hart

  • Paperback
  • 218
  • A Soldier for Keeps
  • Jillian Hart
  • English
  • 01 December 2018
  • 9780373875191

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Read & Download ↠ A Soldier for Keeps Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Jillian Hart Ï 4 Read Free download A Soldier for Keeps Mance but they can both commit to friendship right Then after months as pen pals Pierce visits Lexie’s family ranch in Wyoming Face to fac. I have experience a broken ankle and there is no way I would have made it riding on some guys back down an advance ski slope Maybe 20 years makes a difference but I wasn t moving around a lot for the first 3 weeks I am also surprised a medical center at a ski lodge had the means to do everything for a broken ankle and have crutches to give out I don t like when thing are mentioned and then never followed thru like he was going to call his sister to help her out Overall I liked the story but I would have liked the emails going on longer like in a span of 2 years with her getting close to graduating and him only having 2 years Most of these books are finding your soulmate and being asked to be married in a couple of weeks so at least it lasted longer than the norm

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Read & Download ↠ A Soldier for Keeps Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Jillian Hart Ï 4 Read Free download A Soldier for Keeps E with her friend Lexie realizes her feelings toward him have changed She’s finally ready for love but is Pierce ready to be hers for keep. Sacchrine Love Inspired story that just held NO surprises The only reason I picked it up was because I LOVE correspondence literature and this is a letter writing bookLexie is THE most boring character ever written into a novel She s a grad student who loves horses and skis sure but it s completely incongruous to her personality She s a drag a bookworm except that she has no passion for it or horses or skiing or anything else The way Lexie acts toward Pierce from moment one is forced by the authorPierce is a daredevil Special Forces guy who is gung ho and no fear of course But it s completely incongruous to HIS actions which include sitting around on his butt with a boring girl with a broken leg pontificating about the horrors of war and the desperate need to keep our nation secure He s afraid of horses wanders museums is all about long games of chess writes long e mails The author needs to figure out what she wants her characters to be for pity s sakesNEITHER of these characters made ANY sense And of course the don t want a relationship the WHOLE time that they do so it just gets reeeeeally long and tedious after a while Worse they spend all of their time talking over themselves He ll talk about his family and instead of her saying something about what he s said or asking uestions she s all Yeah well MY family And this happens constantly the whole book throughBut it wasn t just that The author wrote dumb She writes in a year from now which would either be in a year or a year from now but not both She has his family raising cattle and over a dozen horses on ten acres Now I ve owned ten acres There s not ROOM for a dozen horses and cattle on a plot that big let alone what you d need to grow to feed em hello She introduces a possible exciting plot idea a cougar but never develops it so the blah book remains a blah bookWorse it s crap christianity too She s got his brother in Heaven even though scripture says only Messiah has ascended as the firstfruits and nobody else is there yet Spirituality is vague references to church and some dinner prayers and a few help me Lords Just really disappointing

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Read & Download ↠ A Soldier for Keeps Ý PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Jillian Hart Ï 4 Read Free download A Soldier for Keeps Lexie Evans is not looking for a relationship with Pierce Granger And that’s just fine by the handsome soldier Neither one has time for ro. I loved this book