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  • 09 April 2018
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CHARACTERS ð Hostage of Passion Ah knew she was bait in a clever game of blackmail Her womanizing father had disappeared with Franciscos innocent young sister and Francisco would stop at nothing to f. I can t give this four stars because I felt my attention wandering although I did have a lot on my mind It was a good book and I loved the fact that Sarah was able to keep Francisco on his toes I really like when a heroine is not struck dumb by the awesomeness of the hero and manages to keep her faculties despite her developing attraction and emotional bond with the hero Although it seemed as though he had the upper hand there was even handedness in the power struggle than I usually see in Harleuin Presents of this sort In short Francisco neither always got the last word nor doee he always his wayAlthough Francisco seemed like an arrogant stuffed shirt I was able to see the gentle caring side of him He took very good care of the people in his isolated valley and they loved him for good reason I could also understand why he was so smotheringly protective of his sister It was clear that he loved her and wanted what was best and his mother put a very unfair burden on him as a young man I could also get why Sarah was so ice ueen calm and composed Her father is an artist who isn t the most stable guy and it made her childhood and young adulthood very uncertain Her stolid proper lifestyle as an adult is a rejection of his value system and it makes sense When it comes to parents you either follow in their example or resolve to be nothing like them Of course Sarah chose the alternative When faced with threats on her father s life by the top lofty dangerous appearing Spaniard for running off with his young sister I could see why she tried to intervene to save her father s life even if his antics got on her nerves I liked the courtship that unfolds between Francisco and Sarah There is no full love scene in this book and I think that was a good choice I like the way Diana Hamilton decided not to show this because things happened so fast between them and it was nice to see that their feelings develop sweetly with a few kisses and passionate caresses enough to show the strong attraction and no actual sex to cloud the issue In short they were able to sort out lust from love The ending was very sweet Francisco going to claim his woman and showing that she means a lot to him and her doing the same I couldn t rate this one last night when I marked it done because I wasn t sure about whether I should go up to 4 stars After reflection it s pretty darn close so I think I will bump this up to 375 stars

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CHARACTERS ð Hostage of Passion You can t keep me here against my willSarah couldn't escape the brooding power of Francisco Garcia Casals He was always there taunting her watching her touching herSar. Re Hostage of Passion Diana Hamilton takes us to Spain with a very conservative h pitting wits against a flamboyant Lord of the Manor H when it appears that the h s dad has run off with the H s little sisterThis one starts when our efficient and secretarial service owning h gets waylaid in her office by an extremely threatening and outraged H who also happens to be extremely good looking There are dramatic accusations of elopement and the ravishing of the H s sheltered naive unicorn petting little sister by the h s wildly bohemian and Rubenesue older lady loving but very talented artist dadThe h loves her dad but she certainly doesn t approve of his lifestyle It seems to consist of creating brilliant paintings and then making sure he appears in all the tabloid headlines at least ten times a month The h suffered greatly from her father s antics after her mother died and her dad dumped her into boarding school The bullying and teasing was rather fierce when news of her father s exploits and his many many older earth mother type mistresses made the rounds This makes the h extremely conservative in her dress and cool in her manner So while she really doubts the H s insistence that her father has skived off with the H s sister in a passionate affair the h does her best not to rise to the H s very flamboyant and inflammatory utterances She knows from past experience with a flamboyant master that only a firm tone and utter indifference can control an inflammatory situationTho the H is giving her a fluttery feeling that she isn t sure is utter terror or shock at his aggressive approach complete with threats to beat her father insensate The h calls her father s agent but he claims to have no idear where her father is either The H eventually storms off and the h has a dilemmaShe knows from living with her father that these intense and seething passions can soon get out of hand also she thinks her dad might be in Spain based on the caginess of his agents obfuscations The h doesn t believe the H s little sister is in anyway shape or form her father s new lover she is much too young and sylph like but she does have some concern that a sheltered girl might be overwhelmed and make some bad choicesSo the h takes off for her father s little house in Spain and soon runs into the H again He manages to get her to follow him to his isolated estate and the battle of wills is on He is all about making the h into the submissive floaty compliant type of Tart he prefers and the h is not about to give into the H s manly lurve mojo no matter how many people he insinuates to that the h is his latest mistressBoth sides pull out some wild dramatics as the h pretends she is going to jump off his tower and the H refuses to let her sleep anywhere but in his bed There is roofie kisses and some backstory exchangeThe H s mother was an aristocrat who fell in love with a Gypsy singer he soon ran off and the H managed to make good on the financial markets to support his mother and sister When his father returned many years later the H ran him off again and then proceeded to take over raising his younger sister after his mother died The H s mother made him promise to keep the sister a pure and virtuous girl and not let her make the mistakes of her mother So when the young lady wanted to go to art school and exceed the limits of the H s boundaries the H refused and rebellion ensued By this point the H had inherited the decrepit family holdings and a large hacienda estate so now all his time is spent lording over his people and making sure their isolated valley is taken care of The h is attracted to the H and empathetic to his plight but she is also very wary of his type of man and proceeds to keep her calm in the face of her internally increasing passionThe roofie kisses are getting intense and it looks like the h might succumb to the H s enormous club of love but then the sister pops up with the h s dad and it turns out that the h s dad is now running an art school for young talent with disadvantaged lives so no innocent unicorn petters are being defiled at all The big mystery is now resolved and the H is realizing that he himself is probably to blame for not listening to his sister The h and her dad go hang out at his school for a while and then the h goes back to England and her businessThe H shows up a few weeks later full of insults about how the h is still half a woman because she wears a tailored suit instead of Laura Ashley and the h laps all these insults up as declarations of undying affection while the H manages to steal all the pins from her hairSince this is HPlandia and a promise to make the h a real woman is as good as a full page love declaration the H and h decide to get married and go back to Spain little sister is going to California to figure out what to do with her life and the h s dad will give the bride away for the big HEAThis one was okay but the h and H did not really seem to be that compatible The problem was that the H was exactly like the h s father but a bit bullying about it I could see his seduction attempts but I couldn t see any real love for the h and while his isolated valley would be great for a vacation I couldn t see the h there permanently and happy about itThe minute the h s true nature reasserts itself after the initial fuzzy pink infatuation haze wears off these two are going to be at loggerheads and it will won t be the great make up lurve club moment kind Which kinda makes the HEA an HFN and a rather dubious HP outing on the enjoyment scale


CHARACTERS ð Hostage of Passion Orce them to return Taking Sarah hostage was the perfect plan But he didn't need locks and chains to hold her his darkly seductive raw sexuality was captivating enough. You can t keep me here against my willSarah couldn t escape the brooding power of Francisco Garcia Casals He was always there taunting her watching her touching herSarah knew she was bait in a clever game of blackmail Her womanizing father had disappeared with Franciscos innocent young sister and Francisco would stop at nothing to force them to return Taking Sarah hostage was the perfect plan But he didn t need locks and chains to hold her his darkly seductive raw sexuality was captivating enough