(PDF) [All the Wrong Moves] á Sasha Chapin

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  • All the Wrong Moves
  • Sasha Chapin
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  • 18 April 2018
  • 9780385545174

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Free read All the Wrong Moves 100 R he tried to move on but he found the game seductive the he resisted itAnd so he thought if he can't defeat his obsession he had to succumb to it All the Wrong Moves traces Chapin's rollicking two year journey around the globe in search of glory He travels to tournaments in Bangkok and Hyderabad He seeks out a mentor in St Louis a grandmaster whose personality is half rabbi and half monk and who offers cryptic wisdom and caustic insults you're th. DNF at page 55 I was an Asia bum for 2 years and have great stories Often people tell me I should write a book I always say that the stories are better for cocktail accompanied chatter and that as a book it would get tortured and tedious This book confirmed that for me The chess angle doesn t really help

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Free read All the Wrong Moves 100 E best player in your chair His story builds toward the Los Angeles Open where Chapin is clearly outmatched and yet no less determined not to loseAlong the way he chronicles the highs and lows of his fixation driven on this uest by lust terror and the elusive possibility of victory Stylish inventive and laugh out loud funny All the Wrong Moves is than a work of history or autobiography It's a celebration of the purity violence and beauty of the ga. Sasha Chapin tames the unruliness of the memoir with an 8x8 grid while chess kicks his assThe conventions of the game are used to bring meaning to the obsessions impulses and indignitiesthat are experienced universally but are most acute when struggling against ones own mediocracyChapin s prose are humorous and self deprecating As they have to be to describe the humility that comes with learning and struggling to reach ones potential Chapin is beaten by young children one minute and old street hustlers the next but the hardest beat is that after a certain skill level chess mastery is about about the luck of genetics This gives us one reason to be embarrassed about having a body but another to laugh at it

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Free read All the Wrong Moves 100 Sasha Chapin is a victim of chess Like countless amateurs before him Albert Einstein Humphrey Bogart Marcel Duchamp the game has consumed his life and his mind First captivated by it as a member of his high school chess club his passion was rekindled during an accidental encounter with chess hustlers on the streets of Kathmandu In its aftermath he forgot how to care about anything else He played at all hours for weeks at a time Like a spurned love. I think it s uite good for a first book and it s short and breezy I m not ashamed of it which is than I can say for most of my writing