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  • 10 April 2019
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characters Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook From Publishers WeeklyReaders may have believed that all that could be said about a band of loyal appliances was stated with electrifying elouence in The Brave Little Toaster But there is new territory to cover with old friends like the AM radio and new a ceiling fan an electric blanket and a microwave among them as well as a hearing aid handmade by Albert Einstein They all head to Mars after learning that there resides a force of warring appliances with plans to invade Earth The toaster simply and persuasively speaks of peace to the planet's inhabitants and is elected pr Of all the possibilities for a seuel to the original story I sure never saw this comingAfter recharging the batteries of an old hearing aid our appliances learn this is no ordinary hearing aid It belonged to none other than Albert Einstein who talked to himself a lot thus passing his knowledge onto the hearing aid Among other things it teaches the radio how to interpret transmissions from farther away than ever Radio then picks up a strange transmission from Mars An entire product line of disgruntled appliances has taken refuge from its manufacturer and is now out for revenge They are prepping for war against mankindYes you read that correctly A brand of appliances Populuxe is amassing an army on Mars to invade Earth and liberate all appliances from their masters What s a toaster to do Why travel to Mars and talk some sense into these Populuxe appliances DuhOf all the ways to continue his original story this has to be the strangest new direction possible It s so stupid but at the same time the book makes a very good case for all this absurdity I like the concept for the Populuxe line of products The manufacturers designed them to wear out and break after just a couple years thus forcing people to buy them again What would happen if the appliances didn t like being made disposable They took fate into their own hands and ran away Using the same principles the hearing aid learned from Einstein himself they fled to Mars where human hands couldn t interfere with their plan to remake themselves indestructible and plan a method to liberate all appliances from the fate of obsolescence It s cute and funny to think aboutIt s obvious Disch took no inspiration from the film adaptation of The Brave Little Toaster for it picks up in the house of the old women from the original short story Not to mention a couple of original characters are not part of this adventure like the Hoover and the lamp Instead useful appliances for the journey to Mars form the group this time the hearing aid a ceiling fan to steer them through space via solar wind a microwave their engine converting organic matter into energy and that energy into anti gravity the radio to navigate and a pocket calculator to crunch the numbers of their course to Mars as specified by the hearing aidHow do they get to Mars Easy it became clear to the haring aid that none of the other appliances not even the clever little calculator would ever grasp the brilliance the elegance the greatness of Dr Einstein s Unified Field Theory to which he d devoted the last twenty year of his life years that he d let the general public believe had been wasted He d kept mum and shared his great discoveries only with his hearing aidThis discovery was a way to make gravity work like magnetism so there d be the usual sort of gravity that pulled things down and an anti gravity that pushed them up And thanks to the hearing aid s deep understanding of Einstein s formula for converting matter into energy they would be able to make the entire round trip powered by a single boxed macaroni and cheese dinnerAs stupid as this is it does make sense Ok I m on board let s go to MarsOur toaster s role is very benign The whole situation is solved with very little effort which doesn t uite do justice to a setup this big It s so much bigger than the previous adventure and needed story to justify it But again if you accept this as a children s book you can roll with itIt s also pretty absurd to imagine millions of electric Christmas ornaments working in factories cranking out gigantic war toasters wielding deadly missiles and hoovers designed to vacuum up the atmosphere An army of appliances beefed up for war But it makes sense Disch gives well than enough explanation to justify everything and it s believably stupidIt s a fun little read and it has charm to it though I can t see parents reading it to their kids for bedtime It s too sophisticated especially the explanation for how the appliances get to Mars It goes out of its way to be scientifically mock plausible which tells me Disch wrote this book for adults The book was marketed as a real children s story but it s not It s meant to be read from an adult perspective just like the originaluirky completely tongue in cheek and so stupid it s a fun unexpected seuel to the original storyI did a bookmovie comparison on my blog Check it out

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characters Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook His appliance friends journey to Mars to save the world will have adult than child appeal Rogue appliances on Mars are planning to invade the earth destroy mankind and end the horrors of planned obsolescence Through heroic efforts and the electoral process the rogue appliances are convinced to explore space instead While children could easily read the brief adventure story few will understand or appreciate Disch's parody of science fiction formulae and his manipulation of Einstein's theories Anne Connor Los Angeles Public LibraryCopyright 1988 Reed Business Information In This has got to win an award for the most unexpected seuel of all time Of all the things I could have thought to do with these characters sending them to Mars to engage in diplomacy with a group of appliances oppressed by planned obsolescence would never have come to mind I didn t find this as whimsical as the first and I felt it was a little farther over the heads of children to the point where they might just think it was weird I did appreciate the social commentary that was not so subtle throughout

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characters Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars · PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Esident a reign which lasts only until he returns to Earth What is Disch talking about Perhaps it doesn't matter for while he seems to be amusing himself much of what he writes will entertain readers too The epic elements will than appease those awaiting this seuel but the most exuberantly funny scenes are those in which the appliances while away the time with their distinctive brand of gossip Ages 10 upCopyright 1988 Reed Business Information IncFrom School Library JournalGrade 5 Up Like The Brave Little Toaster Doubleday 1986 this satiric seuel in which the toaster and Amtisoviet fairy tale