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  • History of the Saints
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  • 18 October 2020
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History of the Saints Free read  104 Tterday Saints is replete with tales of sacrifice and suffering tragedy and triumph Now members of the Church can gain a deeper understanding of many of the significant trials faced by early Saints with Mormon Wars a ground breaking volume that masterfully present. Chapters 2 and 3 were especially interesting to me given my family history I learned things I d never known before that helped me understand the time period and issues

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History of the Saints Free read  104 The war in heaven never ended It just changed battlefields and in these last days it has once become a pitched battle for the souls of men Sooner or later all men and women will be reuired to declare their allegiance The history of The Church of Jesus Christ of La. You re probably noticing a pattern in my reading lately haha1 I am up all night with a newborn so I m getting a lot of books read2 I have a 30 day trial with a religious based e reader app so I am getting through as many books as possible in those 30 days 3 I think I have to change my reading goal This book is actually authored by 6 different scholars each writing an unconnected piece about their expertise It was informative and fast My only complaint is I wish they had gone a little deeper with some of the subjects but I guess that is asking for another book altogether

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History of the Saints Free read  104 S historical accounts of pioneer perseverance From violent mob persecutions to armed troops in the Utah territory to the war against polygamy understanding the events that refined the early Saints will fortify your faith in the face of continuing modern day battle. I received History of the Saints The Mormon Wars for Christmas from my parents A book for Christmas is always a welcome gift but since many of my ancestors were involved in the early years of the Mormon Church I love to read books like this one about Mormon history This book describes the persecutions conflicts and wars members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints Mormons suffered through during the years following the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth It covers the early persecution of the Mormon members in New York and Pennsylvania Followed by the struggles in Kirkland Ohio and Independence Missouri the saints had with mobs and militias including the circumstances leading to the extermination order that called for the Mormons to leave Missouri or be exterminated It continued showing the oppression and lawlessness of enemies of the church in Nauvoo Illinois and surrounding areas leading to the death of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith which ended with the forced migration to the Utah territory It covers the maltreatment of the Mormons in Utah when a large military force was sent to Utah to end the Mormon Theocracy and the practice of polygamy The book covers all of these events and seems to present a fair portrayal of these events showing when Mormons and others were at fault I originally thought the title of the book The Mormon Wars was misleading and gave the impression of several wars fought against the Mormons After reading this book I think the title is correct since much of the conflict between the Mormons and those against them were supported and many times initiated by the local state or federal government Though much of the conflict was initiated by local militias and rogue groups they had the support or at least allowed to intimidate destroy property and homes and kill with the government not interfering with their actionsOne of the best features of this book is the paintings portraits and documents associated with the events described in the book These supplemental items added to my understanding of the eventsI read this book simultaneously as I read Truth and Tragedy What Happened at Hawn s Mill Between the two books I feel I have a greater understanding of the trials early Mormon members went through to establish the church I marvel at the courage and persistence many Mormons showed by enduring these many trials It is a testimony to me these folks believed so strongly they were willing to move basically across the United States to practice their religion I wonder if I would have the same strength of conviction as they didI recommend this book for anyone who is interested in Mormon History In this book I learned about the conditions that caused much of the hatred and violence against the Mormon Church in early years from reading this book I thought the editors of the book were fair in their analysis of the events leading to the persecution scrimmages and wars This was not a Mormons good and everyone else was evil depiction of the conditions and events The editors pointed out the Mormons made mistakes that helped cause the division between them and their neighbors I also would recommend this book to those who are interested in United States history so they can learn about this dark episode of US historyOther books I ve read by author Tragedy and Truth What Happened at Hawn s Mill