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Read Nikhil Kaliszians #1 107 On her mountain They got than they bargained for when they were all abducted by a group of aliens called the Ganglians Badly beaten and barely alive Mac finds herself in the arms of the largest male she’s ever seen She should fear him should be fighting to get away from him but there was someth I really liked this one and can t wait to read book two I love a good alienhuman romance and so this book was just what I was looking for I will say at times I just wanted the heroine to go with the flow yes it s a huge difference between you but if you are with an alien and you both didn t even know the other race existed you need to know you both will have different normals It bugs me when in that situation the peoplealien expect the other to do everything like they would After saying that it wasn t horrible or anything that took me out of the story but it was something that bugs me I loved both her hero and heroine I have to like a heroine in the book because to some extend they are me when I read a bookI place myself in the book but I have to love the hero and I did in fact loved him He was protective possessive and so caring and kind to the heroine She was his everything and how can you not love that This book is very safe no OWOM at all in this book This is the first book I have read from his author and I really got into this book and her writing We get a nice glimpse into who book two is about and I have to tell you I am excited

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Read Nikhil Kaliszians #1 107 As the Suad Leader of the Elite Warriors Nikhil Kozar was the largest warrior in the Kaliszian Empire When a shuttle crashes on one of their planets the search and rescue mission turns into something much complicatedMackenzie 'Mac' Wharton had agreed to guide a group that had wanted an adventure 25 stars Do not fear little one Nikhil found himself pulling her close cooing in her ear I vow you are safe As the Suad Leader of the Elite Warriors Nikhil Kozar is a supper large intimidating warrior his fellow warriors see him as extremely capable soldier and an over achiever who gets things done and is a pain in the ass at the training field Due to his size others are intimidated by him especially females When he finds a badly beaten and malnourished human female Mackenzie Mac in one of the illegal slave mines of the hated enemy alien race he does everything in his power to protect heal and care for her especially since his mate beads transfers to her creating a mate bonda thing unheard of since the great infection over five hundred years ago which reduced the Kaliszian female population to a few True Mates were the greatest gift the godess could give a Kaliszian The bond would bind them together for life If one died the other would soon follow This was a slightly entertaining read with the often expected insta lovesoul mate bonding found in alien romance books except a good portion of this book was spent on ridiculous miscommunication cultural misunderstanding and withholding of information leading to anger unfortunate words and hurt feelings all of which were unnecessary and irritating All this made me doubt the hero and heroine s intelligence and depth of their love and so called magical connection But since magical alien beads and ancient myth and legend are involved anything is possibleThere were other issues to do with plot fillers such as repetition of thoughts conversions and scenes where nothing much was happening like visits to the hospital or other places where the hero and heroine were separated by other duties etc But all this meant that I didn t see a believable relationship forming between this couple because they didn t spend enough time together like the other couples in Eidem s Tornians series things just happened here Insta love insta connection insta relationship and insta sex within a short time period This book is an erotic alien romance the alien is human than alien so it should ve been hot all the necessary ingredients were there but I can t remember anything hot here There was a lot of passionate words lot of explicit bedroom action and sex talk but IMO it wasn t hot The words were repetitive and just empty Nothing translated from words into real emotions or heat It was all a bit underwhelmingThere was also very little world building here I expected that since erotic romance plots tend to focus on the relationship side of things But since the romance and relationship was lacking here all the other imperfections come into sharper focus The humans hardly interact with the Kaliszian and vice versa because the setting was limited to a small planet far away from their homelandplanet These issues and the previous ones slowed down the plot and made the romance less potent and the story slightly boring and one dimensional creating many eye roll situations But Luol the warrior medic and his true love Maysa the Kaliszian female he chose to love despite luck of true mate beads stole the show Their love connection and commitment to each other was palpable even though they only talked once on video call You are the true mate of my heart too Luol Nothing not even a bead could ever change that Somehow these words have impact coming from Luol and Maysa than the main couple Still I hope and pray the next couple are like Luol and Maysa because I m just not ready to give up on this new series just yet

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Read Nikhil Kaliszians #1 107 Ing about the massive male that called to herA traitor threatens the Empire Someone wants Nikhil dead The Zaludians want Mackenzie back And then there was the secret she's keeping Would it be the one thing that finally brought down the Kaliszian Empire Or would it be the first step in its rebirth 35 starsIt was good but not as good as the Tornians series I thought the heroine was too immature at times But then I would remember she had known him like a day or two and I would try to give her some slack I liked Nikhil though