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characters The Dagger in the Desk ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Eadly ghost is stalking the halls of St Simeon’s Academy for Talented Youngsters It lurks in the shadows spreading fear and icy cold – and it carries a sharp and very soli. I don t know about everyone else but I m always a bit sceptical about bridging short storiesnovellas There are some woeful efforts out there that are nothing than changing perspective on a scene by writing he said instead of the original she said But the reason I keep reading them anyway is there are some true little gems out there Sarah Maas efforts are outstanding as they are standalone whilst furthering the world building and characterisationI digress a little but my point is that I approach them with some trepidation As can already be seen by the number of stars I ve given this the trepidation wasn t warranted in this case and this story joins the ranks of the best in novella land I can never get enough Lockwood and Co love em love em love em but this is a fun addition to the series as well In this installment Lockwood Lucy and George are hired to clear a ghost with a penchant for knife throwing from a school Whilst short it has the same delicious creepiness whilst not scaring the pants off me that s a good thing Now who s for toast

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characters The Dagger in the Desk ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook D daggerThe headmaster wastes no time in enlisting the help of ghost hunters Anthony Lockwood Lucy Carlyle and George CubbinsCan Lockwood Co survive the night and save the day. Final rating 355This was a fun and uick read set within the world of Lockwood Co It was nice getting to go on another job with the team as I absolutely love these characters There s nothing spoilery here but having knowledge of agencies and how they operate would be helpful although not entirely necessary as any crucial information is provided The mystery is set up uickly and solved neatly It does lack the overall charm and excitement that I ve come to expect from this series however I realize that s not possible in so short a tale What I think really sets this apart is how it was created with input from the fans That s such a great way to engage children in the storyIf you want to see the original posts along with the options not chosen visit the following links1 2 3 4 5 6

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characters The Dagger in the Desk ¸ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook A thrilling new case for London’s most talented psychic detection agency from the global bestselling author of the Bartimaeus SeuenceIn London a mysterious and potentially d. 455 starsI m so excited reading about my favorite psychics agency Lockwood co again It set afterThe Screaming Staircase and before The Whispering Skull It felt a little bit awkward at first I suppose it s because it s a very short story compared to the others so it felt too fast at the beginning or maybe it s just me too used to the other new characters in the next three books so it s kind of weird to see Lockwood co without the Skull Holly Flo even Kipps I almost forgot it used to be just the three of them But it s just as exciting though I missed their usual bickering that goes to minimum here due to the short length I m not saying it s less funny George as usual managed to make me laugh even as the others gone serious It was a scary moments all dark and silent angry dangerous ghost out and the Source near and George startled everyone including me by mistaking a mop for a ghost I thought it was a very thin ghost But it s only a mop Look It s got the floppy bit at the top I ask you Who does that Who stores a mop upside down Well to answer George s uestion I do store mop upside down but I don t jump and scream in the middle of the night thinking it s a ghost p There s the usual Lucy and George funny bickering tooI stopped short Was that your stomach George He looked at me blankly Was what my stomach I didn t hear anything Nor me Lockwood said What did you get Lucy That s my Talent you see I hear things other people don t A horrid wrenching creak Sort of like a rusted door hinge or a coffin lid opening What George said And you thought that was me Your belly makes weird sounds when you re hungry I got to say it s not like what I thought it would be I thought I d find out about the phenomenal Mrs Barrett s tomb case that cost Lockwood his brand new coat They often talk about it in the next books and I don t even know what exactly happened there unless that the ghost ripped Lockwood s coat with it s clawBut this story isn t bad either It s a bit fast and full of introductions at the first few pages but when the haunting started it s back to Lockwood co usual exciting creepy atmosphere It s a really fun and great read On the negative side is that it s so short that it s all ghost and horror things the mystery and case solving is almost nonexistent George barely had the change to read the school history But then again it is a short story afterall oh and the ghosts gallery at the back is just fun