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  • What They Taught Me
  • Kelsey Chapman
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  • 15 May 2020
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Characters ☆ What They Taught Me ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ut your purpose when you let go of comparison and competition and embrace a community of encouragement where women support womenpass on the wisdom you’ve gained from your own experiences as you take the time to pour your insight into the people God places in your lifeJoin Kelsey in reinventing the concept of mentorship and learn to cultivate meaningful relationships by investing in the lives of other wom I enjoyed reading this book and finished it in one afternoon Kelsey is very relatable in the stories she shares and it covers both her personal and professional life However I was hoping for practical steps to finding a mentor It seems as though she naturally found all of hers in her life already minus the business coachmentor she hired I work with three other people am not near family and have not been attending church due to the current circumstances with the virus So I was hoping for step by step actions to take to finding a mentor Overall though I enjoyed this book and think it is something every w

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Characters ☆ What They Taught Me ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Do you feel stretched thin and burned out Do you wonder how everyone else always seems to be five steps ahead As an entrepreneur Kelsey Chapman understands the doubts that hold us back the moments we wonder Am I capable Am I ualified Am I enough She also knows what it’s like when God brings the right people to guide us through difficult seasons   In What They Taught Me Kelsey weaves the stories of nine What They Taught Me is a memoir conveying the writer s life through the lens of the women that helped her along the way This begins from childhood to the present in which she utilises career based mentors rather than life defining ones This wasn t particularly marked in terms of either a memoir or self help book but was an easy and personable read Each chapter had a clear theme that was maintained throughout enabling it to be well understood Though relatively interesting it didn t amaze or inspire me enough to rate it any higher The majority of the book focused on life defining events for the

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Characters ☆ What They Taught Me ✓ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Regular women who stepped into her life at the exact right moment Each woman gave Kelsey a model and example that informed and inspired her during the most critical times of her life personally and professionally Combining personal stories with practical advice Kelsey gives you the tools togrow your mindset and core beliefs about yourself by linking arms with other women who’ve been there done thatlive o This is an empowering book written to encourage people in life and business to reach out to those who have previously blazed a path they could learn from It also inspires those to mentor others who will be walking a path you might have personally ventured We are not alone and shouldn t have to feel nervous to reach out to those who have gone before us It s also inspiring to hear her personal mentor experiences throughout her life Many people may look around at their current circle and realize they have had a mentor now or even in the past that they didn t even realize but are appreciative of the im