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  • Lire le Capital
  • Louis Althusser
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  • 14 April 2018
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Louis Althusser ¾ 4 Read & Download Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Louis Althusser Read Lire le Capital Together with Louis Althusser’s book For Marx Reading Capital represents one of the foundational texts of the school of “structuralist Marxism” which transformed the face of modern philosophy and social theory Presided over by the magnetic and intellectually coruscating figure of Althusser the structuralist Marxists attempted no less than an intell. 98% of this book is irrelevant for contemporary Marxists with Althusser merely using Marx as a platform for showcasing CanguilhemBachelard s materialist conception of epistemology which isn t as interesting an insight as it was when first outlined in For Marx Balibar joins in with a heroic but doomed attempt to offer an Althusserian or structuralist notion of temporal dynamics and changetransition without the use of the sullied Hegelianhumanist categories of history the subject man etc Yeah good luck with that at one point he seriously recommends Lenin s understanding of revolutionary Russia as encompassing five modes of production simultaneously as a theoretical model this is literally the opposite of the scientific ideal of parsimonyThe relevant 2% however lies in Balibar s section on Modes of Production and Periodisation and the couple of interesting pages where he lays out some useful and rigorous terms for how to think about relations of appropriation within different historical modes of production drawing on Marx s actual categories in the various volumes of Capital the Grundrisse This short section became uite influential among Marxist sociologists and historians of the late 60s and 70s in debates over development modes of production and the transition controversy and it still holds up todayTo summarise this book is mostly esoteric dry and theoretically dated in its structuralism and its uasi positivist epistemology and it includes an awful lot of waffling Only recommended for completists of French Theory andor Marxist social theory debates aka nerds like myself

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Louis Althusser ¾ 4 Read & Download Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Louis Althusser Read Lire le Capital Al terms of historical materialism to searching textual analysis and challenging conceptual reconstruction Inaugurating a new way of reading Marx that was to prove both intensely stimulating and capable of generating fierce controversy Reading Capital is a work that cannot be bypassed by anyone interested in Marxism and in theory generally in this centur. the uh fuckin uh profit motive is like the sole motor of the development of production in capitalism man fucking shit

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Louis Althusser ¾ 4 Read & Download Download Í PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ¾ Louis Althusser Read Lire le Capital Ectual revolution against dominant interpretations of Marx Seeking to cleanse Marx of all Hegelian impurities and recast his thought on a rigorously scientific basis in this work Althusser and one of his most brilliant students and colleagues Etienne Balibar subjected Marx’s method in Capital his critiue of classical political economy and the fundament. Althusser and Balibar here demonstrate that Marx s genius lay not with communism but with recognizing that Capital is its own domain off the work of David Ricardo Marx however eventually did something wrong in finding the immanence of Capital s logic he then swallowed his own poison pill He attempted to read the totality of all of history through this immanent logic and found no way out Balibar in particular takes great pains to show that at each turn an analysis of history yields again the invariant relations of capital demonstrating that Marx was no longer in fact analyzing history but only providing a re reading of his own definitions This too is the flaw with communism or understanding production through Marx s Capital the means by which the categorizations are realized are dependent on one another From one position of proletariat you automatically create the position of bourgeois and so on Marx s analysis is too rigid in that its view produces only itselfNeither Althusser nor Balibar really pursue why this happen or what it means they only mean to show the self necessity of Marx s Capital in its failure to utilize its techno rationality beyond its self wrapping envelope There are historic reasons for what Foucault calls the episteme split of the 19th century This goes hand in hand with Hegelian twists and Absolute knowledge of which Marx borrowed in order to wrap Capital as its own complete worldview but these two thoughts goes beyond the analysis both Althusser and Balibar presentAll the same if you are interested in an in depth view of Marx or you want to see what Althusser or Balibar can do here is a text for you The writing is sometimes obscure difficult and circumlocutus Their explanations would have been helped if they had sought to differentiate what they wanted to say from how they were saying it Often the move was to use Marx s internal logic and twist it around itself so as to demonstrate the very realization they wish to impart This makes for a confusing reading if you aren t familiar with what they are doing or if you don t read it closely I can imagine many people often draw the complete opposite conclusion both Balibar and Althusser wished to demonstrate because of this bad techniue So if you read it be warned that you must read closely and carefully keeping in mind what Marx says and what these authors want to show you about how Marx says what he says and why he says it